Monday, November 9, 2009

Strength of the Heart

You guys are in for a great treat. I realized that besides poems, I haven't put any of my personal writing up. So here goes. Below, is a story I had to write for one of my creative writing classes. It's based on a true story that took place in my family *disclaimer: names and pieces of the story have been changed* this is to protect my cousin and family. That's all I will say, I'll let you read the story for yourself and come to terms with what you think the underlying meaning is. Hope you enjoy, please feel free to share your comments, feelings, and what you think the purpose of the piece is.

P.S. The way I uploaded the story was through Google Doc. so it automatically takes my formatting away. I'm searching for new and better ways to upload, so please be patient with me. If you have any ideas please let me know.

Here is the Dedication Page:
Losing Janiece

            This story is dedicated to my beloved cousin Nicole Scott. A woman who had unconditional love for her children. Your story is what has constantly remained in my mind and what has taught me so much about love and being a woman. For that, I thank you and love you.

"Click here to download story"

"Just Write"

-Delesa J

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