Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am Not my Hair

A little over a year ago I pondered if whether or not I made a mistake by getting tiny, permanent locs installed in my hair.
My Answer today?
I love my decision of getting my Sisterlocks. I owe a large amount of my new found confidence to (yes, you guessed it!) my hair.
It's sad to see that in 2009 black hair or rather "natural and kinky" hair is still a large issue. People are still ignorant and discriminative when it comes to our hair and the styles we choose to wear. Just as the color of your skin, some people can't except the fact that were all different and unique in our own ways. But for once, I cannot say that the majority of negative feedback and critiques about my hair has come from white people. This time it has come from my own race of black people. So your probably wondering what type of comments I could have possibly received right? Well, here's a quick rundown:
(Note: keep in mind all of these comments were from black people)

- A dance instructor told me she's happy to have done business with me (when my hair was worn in braids or two strand twists) because if she met me after I had my Sisterlocks she wouldn't have done business with me (Pertaining to real estate and FICS).

- Your hair is long and pretty. Is it all yours or a weave? (As they try to run their fingers through)

- Will you ever change your hair or take that out?

- Do you wash it? I mean, like, can it be washed?

- So when you're tired of it, do you have to shave all of your hair off and go bald?

- You're hair is nappy

- I don't like that "stuff" on you

- Will they get bigger, you know like all big and nasty looking?

....Oh how the list goes on. By the way, I'm still laughing at some of those. I'm not going to go through and verify or answer all of those, some are just plain stupid. But yes, I wash my hair. Just because their locs don't mean their not hair. If you want any additional information you can google Sisterlocks, send me an email, or go to Sisterlocks.
I would like to say embrace individuality and boldness. Let's focus on not all looking alike and trying to conform to society's idea of how we should look.
Black women please stop hating on each other, we receive enough of that from other races. By all means, please don't be afraid to ask questions, in fact their welcomed. Seek information about the unknown but don't come at me or anyone else in a negative way because then it's not genuine on your behalf.

***Disclaimer: This is not by any means a put down to anyone else nor the way you wear your hair, I've worn almost every hairstyle and love seeing the versatility we as women bring. This is just my personal experiences and where I'm at in my life now!

Here's some of the positive's about SL's (Sisterlocks):
(I know you didn't think I was going to let you leave without the +'s)

- Men from different cultures and ethnicities are attracted to you and even some females (flattered but not for me).

- Women say: "I love your hair, it's beautiful"

- You're so bold, I wish I could do that

- Styling options are unlimited and when you don't feel like styling, you can just spritz and go
(I use a mixture of tea tree oil and water)

- You don't have to run from the water or rain

- You and/or your significant other can run your fingers through your hair (and even touch the scalp!)

- You can shampoo your hair as often as you like

....I can probably go on all day but since I've already been long winded I'll cut it short today. Please feel free to share your hair experiences, regardless of whether it's straight, natural, loced etc., your texture or race. Let's Embrace Change!!

If you're interested in any additional information please feel free to email me or comment.

"Hair is a woman's Glory"-Maya Angelou

-Delesa J

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