Sunday, November 8, 2009

My new Momentum

I finally had the chance to watch the movie Julie & Julia and I loved it. It was actually based on two true stories, which really made me enjoy the movie even more because it was true. It wasn't some conjured up story that was created for Hollywood but rather two stories about real women and their lives. In the movie, Julie Powell was kind of searching for her purpose in life, (with the help of her husband) she decides to start a blog which followed her year-long challenge of doing every recipe in Julia Child's book, which totaled over 500 food recipes. Julia Child's was Julie P.'s personal Shero (female hero) in a sense. Julia Child led a fabulous life as a cook, teacher, wife, and published author (you guessed it; on cooking).  
The story showcased how you can take your passion and love of an art, which in this case was cooking and writing and make it your life. I loved Julia Child (played by the wonderful Meryl Streep) character, she had a zeal for life and loved eating and cooking, but was also very good at it. The movie was simple but cute and after watching it, I found myself very excited and ready to get started with my own 365 day challenge. I was also happy to think about my own writing journey and where I will end up after a year. If I work extremely hard and put my best foot forward and great writing out, without a doubt I can experience the same happiness and satisfaction of being known for my work and passion of writing. So with that said, I'm on a journey to find what I can blog/write about for a year. Since New years is coming up, what better time to start. So from now till then, I'm on a mission to find my mission. 
I.E. as cliched as it may have been, I was going to do cooking but in my family it's 6 of us way too many to cook for and a bit more costly so i'll save that for next time (when I move out). 
With that said, I'm excited to see what I will come up with and I'm very much open to any ideas so please feel free to share some. 

"Authors write because they long to see their name on the book cover. Writers write because it's what they do." -Author Unknown

-Delesa J

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