Friday, October 30, 2009

So Fresh & So Clean

Momma to the rescue again! So when it comes to certain things I'm a cheapie. But my mother has changed my life and get this, with a Toothbrush! She gave me one the new Oral B's Pulsar Pro Health toothbrushes. is the official website where you can go to check out their new and recent products.

You're probably laughing and wondering why I'm blogging about a toothbrush, but this one is pretty major. It has a on and off button and soft grip to hold. It comes in a variety of colors, so you know I have a purple one!! On top of that it vibrates. This toothbrush is good for stimulating the gums, gentle on your teeth, and helps to sweep away the plaque and food. The vibrating bristles help to get in between your teeth, leaving you with a fresh from the Dentist cleaning feel. Give it a try, definitely worth  your money and helped me to realize that I may need to start spending a little more money on my toothbrushes. After all this is an investment in my smile :).

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