Friday, October 30, 2009

Black Beauty*

Since I was a young child I have been in love with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. It does wonders for my skin. I practically live by their products. It keeps my skin smelling fresh, smooth and evens out my skin tone. Let's not forget about keeping the ashiness away and during the summer, if you use the cocoa butter jar-it's thicker and keeps the mosquitoes at bay. Cocoa Butter comes to the rescue in countless ways. I'm an avid sponsor of their products and never shy to admit that. I've use a lot of their products, ranging from the cocoa butter jar, the cocoa butter stick, the cocoa butter lotion and even some of their Shea butter products. You can find out more information on their personal website: Because of their products and My excellent personal grooming :), I receive a lot of compliments on having beautiful and clear skin and hands. My fetish is so bad, my mother walked in my room today and said, "Here I got this for you, it looks like you're running a little low." Gotta love the support, and she's right I was. My lotion bottle is flipped upside down, which everyone knows signals the end. 
Now there is one product I wasn't too fond of, it's their Skin Success Complexion bar. I tried using it on my face and didn't quite work out for me. It seemed to dry out my face and possibly made my acne worse. So I discontinued using it for my face and use it to shave or scrub my feet. So it did come in handy for other things. Overall, I love their products. Nothing makes me happier than taking a nice hot shower and rubbing my body down with cocoa butter. 

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