Friday, July 10, 2009

Putting it into action

I ended up making it to the networking event last night and the turn out was pretty good, I met some new people and chopped it up a bit. The crowd was older and everyone seemed to be in their own clicks and closed off, not very welcoming at all. But I didn't let that stop my fun, I conversed w/my BOS (Brilliance of Success) family (you will come to know them all too well), had a couple of drinks and even indulged in some hookah fun. Overall a good and fun night.

Now on to the juicy stuff, as promised I have started preparing the information for the interviews and I recently decided to create a documentary on searching for my biological father. I know who is and have spent time with him in the past when I was younger but I realized I'm older and it's now or never for us to establish a relationship. We need to decide whether to establish one or leave it alone, I'm 21 years old and pretty soon I'm not going to even want a relationship. So by doing this documentary I'm hoping this will bring the closure I need and help other people who are in my same position or who may not be as fortunate to find their father or have the chance to meet up with him. I know this will be very emotional, stressful, frustrating and full of surprises but this is something that I have become very passionate about and know that I need to accomplish.

-Delesa J-

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