Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Favorite piece of Work

As noted in the previous post, I said I would add some of my work. The following is one of my favorite poems that i've written. I just love the way it makes me feel every time I read it and i'm constantly thinking of new things I can do to it to make it better. It just feels like love when I read it, it feels right and makes me smile inside and out. So does it have a double meaning? I'll let the readers decide for themselves ;). Hope you enjoy, there will be more to come, I have to type them into Microsoft word first!

Lost in You

He Speaks to Me.

Only I Can Hear.

For I Know He Longs for Me.

His Strength and Affection Kept Only for Me.

I Wait, Eagerly for His Arrival.

My Heart Races Faster.

My Mind Only on Him.

More Lust Than Love in this Moment.

The Light from the Moon Lit Sky Passes over us.

The Air Thickens with Our Passion.

We Embrace and Our Love is Released.

The Sweet Scent of Intimacy Mixed With the Night’s Cool Breeze.

Slow Raspy Breaths Over Nature’s Music.

He Speaks to Me.

Only I Can Hear.

- Delesaj

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