Saturday, December 26, 2009

Out with resolutions in with mantras!

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This post is for my ladies, I'm not trying to be sexist or discriminative. Men, by all means if you feel that any of this information applies to you please feel free to use it. Thus, if you may know of someone who may need this information please share. 
I say this is for my ladies because I'm personally going through this transformation and I can use my experiences to relate to other ladies. 

Recently, I realized I need to focus on myself emotionally and in realizing this I came up with a personal mantra: Loved~Evolving~create. This to me means so many things, in my personal and professional life. This is a powerful mantra. By saying these words you will speak meaning into them, creating a positive change within yourself (Note: I said Self). Courtesy of The Power Of Mantra Meditation you give meaning to the mantra by repetitive thinking and speaking, don't think of the mantra as words but as  a powerful energy that will bring change. 

So what exactly does Loved~Evolving~create mean? There is no set meaning nor right or wrong answer. To me it may express one thing and to you another. When I created it, I needed something that will help to channel my growth that I am undergoing. For me, Loved~Evolving~create chronicles life experiences. I have Loved and still love and will love forevermore. It's in me, God created me with a large heart and it will be selfish of me to not share the love I possess. Although that chapter for me is in on hold for now, I definitely know what true love felt and looked like. Therefore I will settle for nothing-less. Neither should you. For you, Loved may be a personal relationship, family, friends, etc. Evolving is what I'm going through now. I'm working on every aspect of my life, the focus is me (mentally, physically and spiritually). I need to know what I want, to find out where I'm trying to go in life. Lastly, create is my future. I don't have much to say because I'm not done with my Evolving stage, therefore I don't know for sure what I would like to create, just yet. I have ideas but nothing concrete, there's always room for the unknown. Maybe God will bring my Loved back around or he may bring a new one, only he knows what the future holds.
I don't know if you realized it or not but the mantra is written in a special way, the c in create wont be capitalized until I've entered that stage, when that will be I don't know, Time will make that decision. 

So what does this all mean? Ladies find a way to make yourself happy. Too often we depend on someone else or material things to do that for us, that cannot be the case. Also, no male bashing, this isn't about that! Put whatever you went through or may be going through to the side and focus on making you better. You have to give positivity to yourself and figure out your larger purpose. I created this so I can always bring happiness and positivity to myself. Do you fully understand what my meaning of the mantra is? No, nor can you. We each give different meanings to the same thing, we have different lives and experiences. Furthermore, I do encourage you to find your mantra. Feel free to use mine or simply create your own. Remember there are power in words, I can't stress this enough. 

"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world"-Robin Williams


-Delesa J

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**Disclaimer: this is not to try and convert anyone into any type of religion but rather to empower women.

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