Wednesday, October 7, 2009


"How does it feel to be 22?" Was the question I was
asked countless times.

My answer, "I woke up Curious". I left it at that.
On September 18, 2009 I told myself that I was gonna "do"
me and go on a journey of finding my true self. This is not
a timed journey but rather a period in my life that however
long it takes me to find what I'm looking for, then so be it.

What does it mean when I say I woke up curious?
I woke up determine to change myself for the better,
experience life for what it is and having no regrets.
Never being afraid to speak my mind, ask questions, exuding sexiness, femininity, and confidence at all times, no matter how big or small the action. Whether buying a new pair of 5 inch pumps or stilettos I never would have even glanced at, curling my hair, wearing makeup, you get the idea. Whatever it takes to make ME feel good. This is something I think all females need to learn, Look good for yourself first! Don't depend on men or someone else to give you a compliment, give one to yourself, for example, wake up, look at yourself in a mirror, smile and recite this to yourself: "I am a beautiful woman therefore today will be my day". I do this, and my confidence goes through the roof and because I spoke it into existence, my day goes great!

Ladies learn about yourself: mentally, physically, emotionally, and most importantly spiritually. Start eating right and exercising (I'm still working on this one :)...). Do whatever you need to do to make you love yourself and feel comfortable in your skin. Here's an exercise to try (it works better in the summer of course): For a week straight, sleep naked at night, embrace your curves, flaws, and beauty; except yourself for who you truly are. Whatever you don't like, change! But do it for yourself only.

Mentally and Emotionally can be one in the same. But learn who you are, so when you commit yourself to someone you don't lose yourself nor do you make compromises on who you are. You love yourself already, so you don't have to settle for looking for something less and void that you don't have.
Find your Spirituality. Whether it's going to church, finding God or a higher being or whatever your belief is, working on your inner soul is vital in anything you do. You can't live this life alone and remember, people will always fall short, God never will. Having a strong and positive soul will lead you to possibilities unknown and you'll enjoy life much better.
So remember do you and live life with no regrets. Don't focus on the little things, they are just distractions from the larger picture and mile speed bumps in the road. Life is a big transition where you constantly go through stages...In the words of Jay Z: "Red or Green pill you live and you learn".

-Delesa J

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