Monday, September 14, 2009

New Relationship Forum

So I've decided to start doing forums. There are a lot of things I see daily that strike an interest in me and makes me want to explore and learn more. I know some situations will never have a definitive answer but by grasping comments and ideas from both sexes, we can hope to get close. So the first official entry deals with relationship problems. If you find that majority of my entries are on relationships, well it's because I'm in one, a damn good one might I add ;). So please feel free to send me ideas or questions on forums that you would like me to write on, especially ones that you would like to read and add to.

Here goes:
How far would you go to catch your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend in cheating? How far is too far in trying to catch the person and why do people need to cheat instead of just getting out of the relationship?

Here's the scenario:
I was watching a movie on TV. It was about a woman who became a private detective, she truly loved her job and helping people discover the truth about their spouse, most dealt with uncovering their infidelity. Her husband was a police officer, and she started having suspicions about him cheating so she used her detective skills to uncover the truth. As it turned out: he was using his job as policeman to cheat and run different woman. Case in point: She caught his no good ass.

So now you have the forum question and scenario, please answer truthfully. Use your personal experience as well as others, read it, think about it, and ask around.



  1. I personally wouldn't go far at all... I feel like if someone is goin to cheat, they will find a way to cheat regardless. If I happen to find out then it was meant for me to find out. If she were to give me reasons to think she was cheating I would ask her about it. If it happens more then once then I might try to see what's goin on if I don't break up with her already. I feel like not only should you not cheat on your boy/girlfriend but you should also make sure your not doing anything to make them feel like you might be cheating, just out of respect.

  2. @ Bobby Wordplay I agree, no sense in being in a relationship if your continuing to see other people. Just free yourself and the other person.