Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Too Blessed to Stress!

I claimed it. I knew August would be my month. I spoke it out loud and into existence. And then, it happened. I received two new awesome clients, sold Tie Me Ups orders, received a new stable blessing, becoming involved in a great new organization, and more! The month hasn't even ended yet! I can't stop walking around singing and smiling, even through the tough times. (I've learned that you have to smile and laugh to keep going. It helps you to not take Life so seriously, no matter what, it can Always be worse!).

Now, do not read this and become discouraged and begin questioning why me and not you. By no means, was it easy to get here. The journey was very rocky, and often times there was no end in sight. However, I kept my faith strong! I repented to the Lord when I did wrong (and still do wrong), and gave him my list of things I needed. I gave him my baggage and the load that I carried, when all along he was telling me to give it to him. I prepared my fields for rain and the rain feels awesome right now!

This has been and still is an awesome journey! This stage in my life, is called building the foundation. I'm working on building a solid foundation and doing first things first. This is where sacrifice comes in. It isn't easy but definitely worth the trials and tribulations. I wouldn't change my journey at all, even if presented with the chance. Remember, you have to learn the lesson before you can move on to the next stage (this is true for everything you do).

If at all, you feel confused. Just keep going and Believe. Never, and I do mean never stop Believing. Everything gets worse before it gets better, keep digging, your breakthrough is near. Once you receive it, it is the best thing you can ever feel. Rejoice in it and then keep going.

Remember: Build your system, keep your foundation solid, keep believing and the Miracles will happen!

"Even miracles take a little time."-Author Unknown

Peace & Blessings,

Delesa J

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